What our employees say

How does it feel to work for Testrut? What motivates our employees to work for Testrut? Testimonies from our employees:

Jens-Uwe Brink, Head Storeman in Triptis

working for Testrut since March 2012


"Management allows me the possibility to run the branch in Triptis very independently. To overcome the constantly changing challenges, at my side I have very helfpul, kind, but also demanding colleagues in the various departments. The team in Triptis is a great group whom you can count on. Working together with my colleagues at the Wesel site is very cordial and mutual support is guaranteed. 

In the last few years we've been able to set a few things in motion here, and the results you achieve leave you "avid" for more success."

Dorina Reimer, head of market places

working for Testrut since October 2014


"At the end of September 2014 I moved from Berlin to Wesel, the "flat land" at the northern edge of the Ruhr region. In Berlin alone it can take you at least one hour in public transport to get to interesting places. In that amount of time here you can get to many more places that are worth seeing, such as the Ruhr region, Cologne, Düsseldorf and even the Netherlands.


Working with Amazon I deal with the most important online platform in all online sales. Amazon sets the pace - every day is different! But having success with a customer is also a lot of fun! The E-commerce sector involves many of the same tasks of classical trading. I'm therefore in contact with almost all departments at Testrut - from purchasing, to logistics, to controlling.


Because of the variety and very diverse facets of E-commerce the wheels keep turning unstoppably. This allows for a fascinating exchange with interesting people and colleagues. I have the opportunity to build up my knowledge and experience in a field that has a promising future, and to play my part in its development and advancement."

Nils Lorenz, Senior Buyer (Outdoor)

working for Testrut since 2015

"After spending nearly 4 years in Shanghai, at Testrut I am able to continue working in an internatioanal environment - I can put together an exciting outdoor range working with my capable team on regular trips to the Far East and within Europe. At the same time, I'm working for a dynamic company with very fast decision-making channels and a great boss who constantly motivates me and, like the whole company, wholeheartedly stands behind me and my ideas."