Quality Assurance/ Corporate Social Responsibility

Over 80 years' experience in homewards and garden furniture have sharpened our senses and taught us that consistent high quality in goods cannot be taken for granted. That's why all of the items we offer are subject to strict and exemplary quality control.

Our quality assurance spans across all processes and begins on site at the manufacturers'. This avoids quality defects from the start. Our quality standards very often go beyond legal requirements and particularly include social responsibility issues such as work safety, child protection, ecological standards, sustainability and compliance. The fact that we take these issues very seriously and see them as non-negotiable qualifies us as a business partner for our customers who are aware of their responsibility towards their own customers and the environment. We and our suppliers are regularly assessed by independent institutions.

Quality Seal

In addition to the legal minimum requirements a large number of our products have additional product certificaton, such as:

The internationally recognised GS label indicates that the safety of the products has been assessed and certified by an independent third party. You can find more information at www.tuv.com

The FSC® seal is for products containing wood and means that internationally defined criteria for
sustainable and responsible management of forests and tree populations are complied with and implemented. You can find more information at www.fsc-deutschland.de

Ökotex: The Ökotex seal guarantees that defined criteria in the textile industry are adhered to. These are in the interests of consumer health and cover, among other things, the use of chemicals, prohibited substances, as well as pesticides. You can find more information at www.oeko-tex.com

Corporate Social Responsibility
We have committed ourselves to being a company who abides by the "Business Social Compliance Initiative" (BSCI) "Code of contact" – in the global value chain, on our suppliers’ level and in the entrepreneurial sector. The aim of this non-profit trade association is to establish a shared European monitoring system for social standards and to promote socially acceptable production conditions in business establishments. The International Labour Association’s (ILO) conventions, the UNO’s Declaration of Human Rights, the UNO’s conventions surrounding children’s rights as well as the abolishment of all forms of discrimination against women, the UN Global Compact and the OECD guidelines for multinational businesses form the basis of this system. Further information can be found at www.bsci-intl.org



Should you have any questions regarding our quality assurance you can contact our quality assurance team directly: qs testrut "«@&.de