At our logistics sites in Wesel and Triptis more than 60 employees work to ensure that the goods reach our customers on time.

Over a total of 35,000 m2 of storage and function area we permamently hold over 6,000 different items ready for our customers; from spatulas to garden furniture suites. The large number of items creates various challenges for logistics (storage, commissioning, availability, supply quotas, and many more), and we meet these with the latest IT infrastructure. A modern IT-supported high rack warehouse, voucherless commissioning as well as radio terminals on all commissioning devices guarantee an efficient and effective operation for our customers.

From one-off items to complex sales solutions, we have mastered a state-of-the-art sales repertoire for business and are experienced and reliable partners to our customers. Constant benchmarking with the best on the market ensures a healthy assessment of our own business and moves us towards better and better solutions.