Testrut has been active in trade for over 80 years. The company began by selling wire products to regional homewares shops. From then on - up to the current age of digitalisation - we've been constantly reinventing ourselves.


The business Testrut is started by Robert Testrut (Sr.) as a wire and hardware shop
in Wesel.


Hermann-Josef Testrut joins the Company.

1960 ff.

Development of product lines for homewares and garden.

1970 ff.

Inclusion of garden furniture and large electronic appliances. 


Reconstruction of the Wesel site (RWE-Strasse) with administrative, exhibition and storage Areas. 


Enlargement of storage space to over 25,000 m2 with the addition of new storage facilities, and expansion of the company's own transport fleet to over 50 trucks.


Robert Testrut joins the company and expansion of procurement activities to the Far East.


Founding and construction of the Triptis (Thüringen) site  Reconstruction of the logistics centre in Triptis in 1994 with administrative and exhibition spaces, as well as a storage area of over 7,000 m2.


Founding and setup of Testrut-Wiethoff GmbH & Co. Handels KG in the centre of Berlin. Reconstruction and move to the logistics centre in Kremmen/Brandenburg in 1996 with administrative and exhibition spaces, as well as a storage area of over 14,000 m2.


Start of the marketing of products and services on international markets (Austria and Eastern Europe).

1997 ff.

Repositioning of the company as a systems service provider for retail and reframing of the product lines.

1998 ff.

Exhibitor at international trade fair events domestically and abroad, beginning with the leading trade faire spoga/gafa in 1998.


Reconstruction and opening of the logistics centre in Wesel with administrative and exhibition spaces, as well as a storage area of over 15,000 m2.


Entry into the Turkish market with the opening of a showroom in Istanbul and the founding of a separate company in 2004.


Constant expansion of the business with large projects and the increase of existing storage capacity at the Triptis (Thüringen) site to over 15,000 m2.

2006 ff.

Development of new distribution channels and strengthening of E-commerce activities. Relaunch of the first B2B Shop as an ordering platform for Testrut customers.

2009 ff.

Merging of the product line business of the German distributorships under the umbrella of Testrut (DE) GmbH, and specialistion of Robert Testrut GmbH & Co KG in project Business.

2012 ff.

Concentration of logistic activities at the two logistics centers in Triptis, Thüringen and Wesel, NRW, and further setup of central functions at the head office in Wesel.


Takeover of the non-food proprietary business by the ZHG (Zentral Handelsgesellschaft mbH) and start of a collaboration with Markant (Germany/Switzerland).

2015 ff.

Establishment of brand management and investment in in-house development of products, as well as visual merchandising. Introduction of the new B2B Shop and conception of digitalisation processes by an independent Team.